This convention is closed. Thanks for joining us in years past.

This is a free online convention for fans of the show “My Little Pony.” At a physical convention, you go to different events in rooms at a location. At HAHcon, all of the events are livestreamed on the internet. If your internet is good enough, you can go to multiple events at the same time by opening them in different windows. You will also see things you won’t get at a regular convention because people can be very creative with what – and where – they are streaming. We love fun, useful, weird, and unusual events.

Our convention is open to events suitable for people of all ages, including kids-safe and adults-only events. A content rating is posted for each livestream in the convention schedule.

Founder & Coordinator: Crowne Prince
Staff Artists: Mdragonflame, ScribblesHeart
Guest Artists: animorphsfan, Nitsua Sensei

Contact Us (Cozy Comfort) at cozy@hahcon.com