Saturday, March 3

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Finished Stream Recordings

See the original schedule for streams that already happened today.

Plushie Repair Stop G
A live class on what do do when your precious plushie gets a rip in it. Bring your colored thread and needle!
People: hojokono

Voice Acting and Narration Basics G
Are you thinking of trying voice acting, narration, or audio plays? This stream features advice and suggestions so you can get started, and then tips to improve your voice and audio skills if you already have some experience.
People: VisualPony, Midnight 29

Modern Brony Music (1:30 – 2:30) G
Everyone knows the fandom hits that came out during the first few seasons, but what’s going on in the brony music world now? With hundreds of great and diverse, new fan music being released each month, it can be hard to keep up with the kind of tracks you love most. Come choose the songs we’ll listen to during the panel and learn about the sites and compilations that you can use to find your new favorite tracks!
People: Luck Rock, J Free

LIVE PONY GAMING w/ DownWindWings PG-13
Pony gaming open to anyone who wants to join! Last year we had a shot at a Minecraft pony server – this year we will will hop around from pony game to pony game to keep things fresh. YouTube | Twitch
People: DownWindWings, Glitchling, Rainbow Spec, SmiLey P, Brohoof Studios

Shipping Taboos: The Dos and Don’ts of OTPs PG-13
Sometimes shipping can get out of hand. What’s that? “Blasphemy,” you say? Well we’re here to find out. Taking notorious shippers and anti-shippers alike we will try and determine where the line should be drawn in the shipping community… or start a shipping war.
People: Sweetie Bloom, Silver Quill, Josh Scorcher, Brawny Buck, The Looney Turtle, and more

Baloneys React Panel PG-13
Baloneys React is all about underrated content creators getting together and reacting to horses with dank memes. It is very silly and you don’t know what’s going to happen. This stream will go through future Baloneys Reacts and how the process works.
People: Drummershy, Tritrot, Magmamaster1801, Soniccrew128, Cyril The Wolf, Monkey2717, Soda Streak, The Wubstep Brony, Tootsie4ever

How to Make Your OC “Shady” (4:00 – 4:30) G
Learn how to edit sunglasses onto OCs and characters, plus some basic editing tips.
People: ShadyMacro

The Fallout Equestria Extended Universe PG-13
The convention’s premiere Fallout Equestria stream covers everything you love about the crossover and more, from writing and voice acting to audio dramas.
People: Needle Stitch, SkyBolt, James Vermont

The Rift Cafe Improvaganza  PG-13
An improv show a la “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in which all of the games revolve around My Little Pony and must start with suggestions from the audience. Veteran improv gamer The Second Opinion hosts, while the various members of The Rift Cafe go to town in several rounds of no-holds-barred silliness.
People: Rav3n Mad, The Looney Turtle, Gunmetal Gladius, Chokfi, Snogwritts, The Second Opinion, & more

The Brony House PG-13
Variety Game Show: 4 players, 5 rounds plus a special musical performance by The Shake Ups In Ponyville. Come for the questions and stay for the laughs with The Brony House /)
People: Lucky Knight, Midnight Scribe, Gabriel Jones, Cinnamon Aurora, Norman Sanzo

Analysis & Discourse: The Value of Dialogue in the Fandom T
Analysis & Discourse gives you, the audience, the chance to join in on the analytical conversation. Rekindle your passion for the pony show as we rediscover how talking about what we love (and hate) about it has kept our fandom ever-thriving and constantly evolving.
People: Equestria Now (OTill, ShellyD and Corpulent Brony)

We Are Still Talking All About Them Pony Comics (6:00 – 6:30) PG-13
Returning for its 3rd year is the best MLP comic discussion panel at HAHcon! ComicSansPony and his nerdy assortment of MLP comic enthusiasts will discuss anything and everything pertaining to the MLP comics produced by IDW…and possibly some fan comics if there is time!
People: ComicSansPony, Chokfi, BigApplePie, Coolman Stan

ScreenChatters – Remembrance PG-13
Spend time with Ashley H, the creator of Remembrance, to talk about the creation of the show, process of development, and what she aspires to do next. It will also include Q&A from the audience as the show airs live at HAHCon. Hosted by Alexander M. Bush.
People: Alexander M. Bush, Ashley H

Live Art Tutorials and Q&A (4:30 – 5:30) G
Ask your art questions and get a live, personalized tutorial on the spot as answer! Hosted by HAHcon convention artist Mdragonflame and special guest Zileris.
People: mdragonflame, Zileris

The Railroad Bronies’ Parlor Car Podcast G
For the fans of rails, trains, and ponies, the Railroad Bronies crew shall be chatting about the new upcoming MLP season (No Spoilers) and talking about some trains that just might show up at BABSCon this year.
People: Steam Tank, DGaribalde

Them’s Fightin’ Herds Gaming (8:00 – 10:00) PG-13
Only nine days after release, and already a gaming meetup Why not? Compete for glory and (fleeting) fame as you gain that invaluable experience in this very new game! Get the game on Steam.

/mlp/odcast M
This will be a live stream /mlp/odcast event. The /mlp/odcast is a weekly show featuring random anons from the /mlp/ board on 4chan who get together to discuss the show, fandom, and for general bants. We’ll be talking about current fandom events and whatever else is new on /mlp/.
This stream has explicit NSFW adult content.
People: Anon

The Horses Really Want Hardcore – High Energy Horse Music PG-13
There is many creative people in the fandom making different types of music for our enjoyment. AWal will showcase some of the best (and his personal favorites) from the harder side of the spectrum, feature songs that are both fast and energetic. If you’re up for raving all night, kandi is a must. This show is surely not one to miss.
People: AWal

Scratch the Heat w/ Ice Bun PG-13
Live showcase DJ mix of good brony tunes throughout the years.
People: InklingBear

Music is Timeless LIVE @ HAHCon – Year Two! PG-13
Ever wonder what goes on behind the laptop screen at concerts? Join Bolt, host of the live request show Music is Timeless (celebrating almost 3 years on Pony radio!) on PonyvilleFM for a look at what goes on behind the scenes in mixing a set! Following the success of last year’s HAH stream, this year’s will be more music-focused for an even longer live DJ set!
People: Bolt the Super-Pony

The Barcast M
Q and A style show where we take questions from the audience and ask them to the guest, while playing a drinking game!
This stream has explicit NSFW adult content.
People: Milk, Flutterpriest, Anonpencil, Ravvij, Enigma Otaku, Flammenwerfer, Special guest (TBA)