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March 2, 2019

9:45 – 10:00 A.M. EST

2:45 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 8:45 CST, 6:45 PST

Opening Ceremonies G
Let’s get this party started!
Starring: Crowne Prince

10:00 – 11:00 A.M. EST

3:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 9:00 CST, 7:00 PST

Pixel Art N’ Ponies G
Have you ever wanted art of your character? Spend time in the livestream chat and Hojokono will draw pixel art of your pony for free! Stream may contain plushie hugging.
Starring: hojokono

Ramen Cheaper Than Ramen G
This year’s cooking show is all about ramen and how you can make it cheaper, better tasting, and just as fast as a package.
Starring: Crowne Prince

11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. EST

4:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 10:00 CST, 8:00 PST

Lost in Translation (English + русский) T
Discussion of all the hardships of translating fanfics, episodes, and tabletop games from English into Russian and vice versa. Translation of accents and idioms, subs vs dubs, and much more.
Starring: Nethlarion, Doof Ex Machina, Why, Mageytash, Angry Shutty

Story Time Decided by YOU!  (all afternoon) PG-13
Story time livestream is back with another crazy adventure decided entirely by you! Last year it was Pinkie Pie saving the world with a cupcake, this time, who knows? Come give suggestions about what should happen next as ALOS draws the story live via quick sketches.
Starring: ALOS

MLP Chat and Discussion Time T
Join in for a casual discussion of all things MLP, from the show itself to fan creations. Who is best pony? What cool fan art have you seen lately? Are you excited or scared for G5? Come share your thoughts!
Starring: blaa6

12:00 – 1:00 P.M. EST

5:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 11:00 CST, 9:00 PST

The SFM Ponies of Equestrian Comedy T
Learn SFM (Source Filmmaker) and see the first part of a new series! The team will demonstrate SFM using comical means to show key skills as well having a proper good laugh along the way. Jolly will present the finished version of the first part to his new series “My Sides” and answer questions.
Starring: JollyOldCinema, FD-Daylight, ClickToTry, SophieViolin, Crystallised Entertainment GalactiPup

Neva Draws Your OC PG-13
A free request stream held every year since HaHCon 2017! Submit original character references to horse artist Nevaylin, and they’ll be picked at random to be drawn on-stream. Music, fun, and free art await.
Starring: Nevaylin

Inventing a World (12:30 – 1:00) PG-13
Got an idea in your head but aren’t sure how to expand on it and turn it from a seed to a mighty oak of a creation? What’s the first step? Where do people stumble? Got questions for David (Creator of Ponyfinder)? This is the panel for you!
Starring: David Silver

1:00 – 2:00 P.M. EST

6:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 12:00 CST, 10:00 PST

Tales of a Pony Convention Artist G
Ever wanted to know what it’s like behind the scenes for a convention artist? Meet Shibaroll, one of the artists for Bronycon and Everfree for a talk about conventions, winning Enterplay’s Create-A-Card contest, and getting your art out there!
Starring: Shibaroll

The Brony Show Panalysts PG-13
Panelists are given a series of terrible choices and must debate and justify why they have the superior choice. What will your choice be, and whose side are you on?
Starring: Circuit Mane, Coaldust, Winchester, Toacoy, CrazyMattCaptain

HAHcon the RPG!  (1:30 – all afternoon) PG-13
Cozy and Glitch have gone missing, so we did what any sane convention would do: hired a team of adventurers to find them. In this DnD 5th Edition one-shot adventure, will our “heroes” return victorious, or are we going to have to find new mascots?
Starring: ComicSansPony, Chokfi, DJ Strike, AnimeWolfGamer, Coolman Stan, Cinder Script

2:00 – 3:00 P.M. EST

7:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 1:00 CST, 11:00 PST

Home Vocal Recording on a Budget  G
Do you want to record vocals, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to get your budding voice acting/singing/podcasting career off the ground, but don’t know what equipment to get? This panel will cover the basics of home vocal recording and provide equipment suggestions for a variety of budgets.
Starring: Shal

Art: Behind the Scenes with Spirit! G
See how to draw MLP characters from start to finish, including construction, linework, and shading. Find out about different art program features and learn tricks speedpaints don’t often show.
Starring: Spirit Productions

Tales of Italian Bronies (English + Italiano) PG-13
What about Italian bronies? We are three crazy ones who met each other thanks to this amazing fandom. In this stream we share some of our uplifting experiences that brought us together thanks to the friendship that MLP gave us!
Starring: PaoloDiBlasiMLP, Singalek Studios, Pinypon

Rift City Jackbox Games (2:00 – 2:30) T
If you’ve heard of Jackbox you know how this goes: a fun stream of randomness and audience interaction. If you haven’t, join in to see how to play the games!
Starring: Patrick rowberry, snogwritts, the crosser, vega’sgalaxy, blue prism, lazerhark

Live Drumming (2:30 – 3:30) PG-13
Stop by for live performance drumming to pony, video game, and mainstream songs. If you like song covers and are a brony/pegasister, this stream is for you.
Starring: Brony Drumming

3:00 – 4:00 P.M. EST

8:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 2:00 CST, 12:00 PST

Behind the Scenes of PonyvilleFM – Running a a MLP radio station for 8 years (3:00 – 3:30) G
How PonyvilleFM organizes their music, runs their system, and organizes events, plus stories of things that went wrong and right.
Starring: Sleepypony, Kyderra, and others

History of the MLP Abridged Series PG-13
Journey through the rise and fall of different well-known My Little Pony Abridged series’, their triumphs, rivalries, and impacts on the fandom. Includes videos and articles!
Starring: Jack Getschman

Nick And Marina’s 3D Session  PG-13
Come chill in this 3D art and animation stream, discuss current 3D projects and talk about differences in 3D programs.
Starring: Nick, Marina Dragonflame, Zileris

Beats and Sabers (Beat Saber VR) PG-13
A Beat Saber game stream playing pony music, as well as anime OPs and an assortment of pop.
Starring: SpiralPhoenix, Derpboat32, Teknoswarm

4:00 – 5:00 P.M. EST

9:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 3:00 CST, 1:00 PST

Them’s Fightin’ Herds – Crayon Cup (all afternoon) PG-13
An online tournament for the fighting game, Them’s Fightin’ Herds! Sign up here. Competitors should attend either the stream or the Crayon Cup Discord so the tournament runs smoothly.

No game-breaking bugs.
You may switch characters only after a loss or with permission.
Please no Paprika mating dance. It’s fun but takes up everyone’s tournament time.
Starring: Candel

MLP Character Crossovers PG-13
If you’ve seen it, it’s been ponified! This art stream focuses on drawing characters from movies, shows, books, etc in MLP form. Join in for live crossover drawing and chat.
Starring: Mac, McCreemouse

From the Horse’s Mouth PG-13
Join TheLoyalBrony as he interviews Makenshi, known for his tireless contributions to the fandom as the manager of Cider Party, writer and admin of Horse Music Herald, and music manager for Equestria Daily. Live Q&A from the audience keeps the fun going!
Starring: TheLoyalBrony, Makenshi

Baloneys React PG-13
Watch this stream for a preview of the newest episode of the series Baloneys React, a pony meme YouTube series featuring underrated bronies.
Starring: Triblu(Monkey2717), Tritrot, magmamaster1801, YuRaynus, Princessdeadpool, soda streak

5:00 – 6:00 P.M. EST

10:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 4:00 CST, 2:00 PST

Voice Acting 101 PG-13
Break into voice acting in or out of the MLP fandom with stream host Wubcake. Get tips on microphone setups, character voices, and delivering your lines.
Starring: Wubcake

Analysis & Discourse T
Analysis & Discourse gives you, the audience, the chance to join in on the analytical conversation. Rekindle your passion for the pony show as we rediscover how talking about what we love (and hate) about it has kept our fandom ever-thriving and constantly evolving.
Starring: OTill, ShellyD and Corpulent Brony

Creating 2D Animation (5:00 – 7:00) G
This event explains everything that goes into pony fan animation. Plus, Yoshi Greenwater covers how he makes the animations on his channel.
Starring: Yoshi Greenwater

6:00 – 7:00 P.M. EST

11:00 P.M. GMT (UTC +0), 5:00 CST, 3:00 PST

Let’s Make a Game in Under an Hour! G
With your suggestions, we will make a fully functional (albeit rushed to high-hecc) pony game in under an hour! What do you want to see in the game?
Starring: Drakinite, mlpfimguy, Wapamario63

Stand up comedy- That’s my luck- T
Pony for Hire (aka Ronin03) is preforming stand up? It’s about time! Learn why this horse artist spends more time talking in his art streams then ACTUALLY DOING ART! May the horse be with him on this 60 minute magical journey of laughs and friendships… or something like that.
Starring: Pony for Hire

Inkwell Draws Stuff: LIVE! PG-13
Watch a MLP drawing by Inkwell unfold with live commentary. There may be time for requests and commissions.
Starring: Inkwell Artz

Pony Convention Storytimes & Surprises! PG-13
Share convention memories as Dewie shows some of his personal memorabilia collection and tells fun stories of con happenings over the years. At this year’s livestream there will be a surprise or two as well!
Starring: DoTheDaringDew

7:00 – 8:00 P.M. EST

12:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 6:00 CST, 4:00 PST

Luck Rock’s Top 10 Brony Songs of 2018 G
As an active promoter of brony music, Luck Rock listens to all of the new songs coming out of the fandom. 2018 was was filled with many incredible hits, and this stream will countdown Luck Rock’s Top 10 personal favorite songs of the year. Come join in on some amazing tracks you might have missed or just want to enjoy with friends!
Starring: Luck Rock

Drawin’ With Dio! PG-13
At this art stream you give the character and story ideas, and Dio turns them into a work of art! Come relax, ask art questions, or simply draw along and have fun.
Starring: Diamondbrush

Arcade Pony Games PG-13
It’s time for pony arcade games! Starting with Pink Marmalade 2, DreamTech shows you how to play and glitches you can abuse.
Starring: DreamTech

Minty’s Fan Animation Workshop G
Join Minty Root as he tackles an animated sequence and discusses the process of fan animation.
Starring: Minty Root

The Barcast (7:00 – 9:00) M
This stream has explicit NSFW adult content.
The Barcast is a user-submitted podcast where the users pick the guest and ask the questions, and we get drunk for 2 hours with them! Tonight’s special guest is horse animator Crowne Prince.
Starring: Milk, Flutterpriest, Anonpencil, Flammenwerfer, Enigmatic Otaku, Ravvij, Crowne Prince

8:00 – 9:00 P.M. EST

1:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 7:00 CST, 5:00 PST

Super Smash Colts: Ultimare (keeps going) PG-13
A Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament for fun and glory! (But mostly glory.) The event will start with a 4-man free-for-all public arena for fun and warmups. During this time we will gather contestants, create the tournament brackets, and give out some small raffle prizes to viewers. Once the tournament starts, we will move into private arenas for the contestants to battle it out. All items will be disabled, Battlefield form stages, 3 stock, 1v1. There is a prize for 1st place and a chance to win raffle prizes for those who donate to the Trevor Project and send proof of donation to ƥRYZ .
Starring: ƥRYZ, LesliePone

Scratch the Heat w/ Ice Bear PG-13
Tune in for a live DJ set to listen to throughout this hour of the convention!
Starring: InklingBear

We Are Seriously Still Talking All About Them Pony Comics (8:00 – 8:30) PG-13
Much like we have done in previous years at HAHcon, this stream is all about the official MLP IDW comics and fan-made comics. Bring your thoughts and opinions! There may even be some live comic reading.
Starring: ComicSansPony, Chokfi, BigApplePie

Draw Fast Stream (8:30 – 9:30) PG-13
Send a reference of your original character and Ban will crank out a doodle of it quickly and crudely for the measly price of sticking around to see it drawn. The livestream call is open to you – join Ban’s server to participate!
Starring: Bananimation, up to 7 audience members

9:00 – 10:00 P.M. EST

2:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 8:00 CST, 6:00 PST

Ponies the Anthology Swearing and Violence Edition (9:00 – 10:30) T
A freeform director’s commentary of a Ponies: The Anthology movie along with some new content from the upcoming Anthology 7. There will be drinking.
Starring: JHaller, others

The Horse Still Want Hardcore – High Energy Music G
AWal hails from the not too far away polar vortex, bringing a Happy Horsecore DJ mix from the fandom that are both fast and energetic. Be sure to bring your kandi and glowsticks because this show is definitely not one to miss.
Starring: AWal

Minty’s fan animation postmortem PG-13
Join Minty Root as he takes a look at some of his previous animations. Get behind-the-scenes of all the things that went wrong and a look at how an artist’s approach can change drastically over the years.
Starring: Minty Root

Expressions of Love: Languages of Shipping Fodder (9:30 – 10:30) PG-13
Join us as we discuss five love languages and their representation in MLP couples (canon or otherwise)!
Starring: Silver Quill, Aramau, Sweetie Bloom, Heather Blossom, Josh Scorcher

10:00 – 11:00 P.M. EST

3:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 9:00 CST, 7:00 PST

Rock Fox presents Upside Down DJing: Horse Music From Down Under! PG-13
This is it – a one hour DJ set of 100% Australian music from the fandom and beyond. Experience the club scene down under from anywhere in the world. Cheers!
Starring: Rock Fox

Multiple Animator Project Discussion + Zarmina G
Discussion about how you ca get involved in the ongoing Solidarity MAP and the MLP Fan Remake MAP, followed by a presentation of Zarmina, an interactive novel project inspired by ponies.
Starring: juju2143 (Yuki)

/mlp/odcast HAHcon Extravaganza M
This stream has explicit NSFW adult content.
Are you an adult fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you enjoy browsing the memes on 4channel’s /mlp/ board? Then come hang out with other like-minded anons as we talk ponies, fandom drama, and the latest horsey news. A random group of anons will be selected as hosts, ensuring only the highest quality banter for you.
Starring: TwifanAnon, AudioFimAnon, GreentextAnon, ReichyAnon, Evershade

11:00 P.M. – 12:00 A.M. EST

4:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 10:00 CST, 8:00 PST

Music is Timeless LIVE @ HAHCon – Year Three! PG-13
Ever wonder what goes on behind the laptop screen at concerts? Join Bolt, host of the live request show Music is Timeless on PonyvilleFM for a look at what goes on behind the scenes in mixing a set. Following in the hoofsteps of last year’s HAH stream, this event will have an even longer live DJ set! Got requests? Tweet them to @SuperPonyBolt before the panel starts.
Starring: 🗲Bolt the Super-Pony🗲

Cards Against Equestria Drinking Game 21+ M
This stream has explicit NSFW adult content.
The fun from High Roller Pony Con is back! Play Cards Against Humanity Online, but with My Little Pony Cards. Take a drink for every offensive/lewd card. Note – you must be legal drinking age to play. Know your limits of when you need to stop drinking.
Starring: Brony Drumming

12:00 A.M. – 1:00 A.M. EST

5:00 A.M. GMT (UTC +0), 11:00 CST, 9:00 PST

Closing Ceremonies G
Still awake? Some brief remarks while the convention winds down.
Starring: Crowne Prince